The architectural concept for the new Dyson School building is inspired by its proposed occupation. A building to house a school of design is seen as a statement of innovation itself creating the ideal setting where ideas and creativity will flourish. In response to this technical upgrading of the building internally with the new stair core and lift as well as all the exposed mechanical services where are intentionally exposed to become part of the architectural background.

Conceptually the proposed remodeling is driven by two strategic goals. Firstly to provide the functional adjacencies of the accommodation to enable the efficient operation for the School and secondly to celebrate and preserve the historical features and character of the building.

All the new interventions internally and externally are designed to respond to statutory requirements whilst the beautiful historic facade is restored and kept intact.

The new entrance from Imperial College Way
Proposed Adjacencies
The new staircore
Design Studios
Exploded Axonometric
Proposal for a Link Bridge. 3D image Paul Evans
3D view of the proposed technical workshops. 3D image Paul Evans
The Dyson School within The Imperial College campus in South Kensington
* All the material in this page is personal design work on behalf of P+W Architects.

Client: Imperial College London 
Architects:  Pascall + Watson  
(Petros Tsoukalas was the project leader and design lead during the construction stages with the contractor)
Contractor: Willmott Dixon